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Family of Paul and Afton Harris Felt

Understand Your History Is to Understand Yourself

Felt Family Online

Now that you are here, you are able to conclude that you have arrived at the starting point. This site is dedicated to The Paul E and M Afton Harris Felt Family of Provo, UT, USA – our parents.

Throughout their respective lives, Dad and Mom have dedicated themselves to those precious individuals they called “Their Family”.

As newlyweds, one of many objectives was to have children; jointly they concluded that meant a large family.  That intimacy of their private conversations, to some degree, is preserved in letters exchanged between the young lovers during periods of separation during World War II and archived herein.

Paul and Afton Felt did have a good sized family of 11 births and one adoption – the magical twelve.

Some of us remember with fondness a comment by our father when commenting about the value and love for each of us.

Said he:


“Know this that each child was planned!“


The boys learned and the girls blossomed with daily evidence of love and affection between our parents. Dad was clear as he taught openly and distinctly that Mom was the love of his life.


The camera was just one of the mediums for the preservation of families many adventures. Such an interest of Paul E Felt has led us (his children and grandchildren) to archive events heretofore that would be lost in volatile human memory.

Family Togetherness

We were together morning and night.  Ooops, leading to and including teenagehood, night time meals together proved a challenge.  That said, morning breakfast including scripture reading (sometimes our eyes were even open) was the norm.

History in Pictures

And always, the camera with upgrades as technology adapted.  Most 35mm for the still camera coupled with many a tradition of the day, film evenings.  Then the ‘mom and pop’ 8mm camera – oh what an invention!  Now our evening slide show included moving pictures (no sound mind you).

Love and Care For All


Have you heard of a teaser?

Well, below will be something about Afton Harris Felt that generally is only known by those whose life (s) she has touched.


Consider this observation:

It is such an honor to me to call you friend.

You are such an elect lady and when I grow up, I really do want to be just like you.

I hope I can bless others lives with friendship as you have blessed mine.

You are the most extraordinary “Daughter of a King.” I know our Father in Heaven calls you one of His elect daughters.

Thank you for being my friend.

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Each of us felt special


An Analogy Here Is Relevant

Such as the giant Sequoia Tree, one of many Red Wood species, these magnificent specimens can live to more than a thousand years providing a living source of water feeding the root structure.  The bark protects the Sequoia from the ravenous feeding of forest fires, repels bugs and fungi each of which can damage or kill this living beauty of creation.

To Paul Ernest and Afton Harris Felt, a planned family was to be supported by a clear determination to provide the nourishment to support the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of yet to evolve family.

From the time of the birth of their first child, they resolved to enroll the eternal elements of their religions faith  – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints – as the guide to add to their individual experience and learnings gained from their respective families.


Of course the Harris family experiences in Texas – Utah would have been different from that of the Felts in Utah yet coupled with joint religions faith seeded by each family, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Saints, this new union was indeed ‘planned’ becoming the depositary of strong living tree like children being nurtured and feed by this simple yet loving couple, not unlike thousands of other young people during and after this tragic war period.

The seeds were sown; side by side Paul and Afton were to be gardeners of their plantation of Sequoias.

The Girls

Wonderfull. Seven sisters for the boys!  Even though one, namely, Betty is deceased, The Boys value the character and strength of six The Girls as seven in strength.


We just wanted to be together – thus, activities, formal family reunions, dinners – we just loved our family togertherness.

The Boys

TheWe just wanted to be together – thus, activities, formal family reunions, dinners – we just loved our family togertherness.

Starts with . . . . . . . .

Faith in Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Plan of Happiness and a firm faith of the existence of Our Heaven Father.

Both Paul and Afton were members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Our Values

Our values emanate from our family:
past and present
our environment
our community and
our religious faith


Then We Follow . . . . .

The teachings of the prophets, both modern and old, coupled with  Jesus Christ.  We believe in the reality of a modern day living prophet and thus The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the source of our values.

This web forum is to be a central reservoir for all the descendants of Paul and Afton Felt thus allowing us to comprehend and understand our respective ancestor’s  dreams, disappointments,  joys,  general living,  beliefs and values underpinned by our faith in (whom we call) our Heavenly Father and that we, the Felt-Harris descendants are part of an eternal family unit.

This site is not meant to be a platform for religious expression yet individual values will certainly become evident as the reader experiences the belief structure that clearly flows through the interaction we (the Felt-Harris descendants) have with one another.

Simply, we are who we are because of our family, the interaction with key environmental influences, mentors who guided us, and our religion: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

We are:  The Felt Tribe

Young lover’s Paul Ernest Felt and Martha Afton Harris meet in romantic circumstances when Paul was Student Body President at the Brigham Young University and the quiet refined image of Martha Harris presented herself for registration where Paul in his role and the student body leader was at registration to welcome the newly arriving freshman students.

Whatever one might conclude concerning chemistry, connection or outright attraction the events to follow would give rise to generations of Felts who would take with them the many values and genetic makeup of the Felt and the Harris families.

From Grandma Felt we read of her love for each of you and for her dear eternal companion when she wrote:

“My dearest Grandchildren, remember that we love you and want you to know that we have a firm testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is true! God the Father and his Son, Jesus Christ, appeared to Joseph Smith, and the Lord restored the Gospel to the earth making it possible for each of us to have his word and the blessing of the Gospel in our lives.“

By way of soft caring direction and loving council she then added:

“Follow the living prophet and live worthy of the companionship of the Holy Spirit. If you do these things you will be blessed and you will be able to know and understand Heavenly Father’s great love for you.”

Next is that quote from the pen of Paul Ernest Felt (Sr.):


“Heaven is an extension of the ideal home. Because we understand this, I expect that in place of sorrow and weeping at my funeral there will be joy and peace. I can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t joyfully the idea of returning to live with my Heavenly Father. As a child and youth, it was always so good to arrive home and find Mom’s fresh baked bread and share in the peace and love that abided in our home.”

To Know our past is to know our future

Our family history is and will be part of who we are and those who follow. Whatever the name of he/her who reads these pages in generations to follow, clearly who you are and more importantly who you may become is and will be influenced by how you read and interpret the generations who have preceded you; good and bad, warts and all; romanced or real. These events and how your ancestors dealt with them can strengthen and add to what one is able to become.

The Paul and Afton Felt Family

Rear L to R

Middle L to R

Front L to R

John Martin Felt, Jessie Felt Allman, Tom Elwood Felt, Tammy Felt Williams, Ronald Grimshaw Felt,

Marilynn Felt Forsyth, Kathleen Felt Covey, Yvonne Felt Jordan, Mildred (Windy) Felt Stewart

Paul Ernest Felt, Jr., Paul Ernest Felt, Martha Afton Harris Felt, O’Larry Felt,  Not seen: Betty Felt (deceased)