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Daniel Pitman

Maternal Grandfather to Afton Harris Felt

Mary Ann Boyack

Maternal Grandmother to Afton Harris Felt

Just where do the names “BOYACK” and “PITMAN”  fit into your relationship?

Well, let’s start with Martha Afton Harris (known to many as ‘Afton’ or  ‘Grandma’ or ‘Mom’ or ‘Sister Felt’ and to many more as ‘Friend’.

The depth or her personal touch to those whom she loved was echoed by Ravyn Felt (daughter of Gerrit and Samantha Felt). She and her sister Jade were, of course, Great-Grandchildren and enjoyed the love and attention provided by their “Grandma”.

Ravyn was living in Australia when Grandma passed on and when told of her death, Ravyn would not accept this reality.  When further discussion ensued, young Ravyn responded with her reality:
“Grandma would have told me if she had died!”

Ellen Pitman Harris

Mother of Martha Afton Harris Felt.

The Ellen Pitman Harris Story

The daughter of Daniel and Mary Ann Boyack Pitman, John Ernest Harris fell in love and married.

Those who knew them saw everyday evidence of the devotion Grandpa Harris had for his darling wife.

Paul and John Felt often tell of the many times their Grandpa Harris would instruct them to return to the house and beg Grandma to come with them when traveling to Strawberry Reservoir for fishing.

He preferred to have his sweetheart with him (Grandma would joke and suggest “John just need her to keep his feet warm at night”.

Besides, Grandpa had the boys convinced Grandma’s fishn‘  pole was magical – fish were always “a bitting” when Grandma was there with her magical fishing pole!


The Daniel Pitman Story

Daniel was Ellen’s father.”

Alice Pitman writes that “Father was a coal miner and knew little about other kinds of work”.  When looking for work him leaving home with a little bedding a story was told of he waking up in the morning with six inches of snow on his humble bed.

The Scofield Mine was to be one such location in which they lived in lumber shack – meaning “one large front room with a lean-to” for another room.

The winters were “cold and the snow deep” and during the first year the suffering was beyond expression.


Boyack Women

This story of Ann Boyack is on the left.

Ann Boyack is the daughter of James and Elizabeth Mealmaker Boyack.  These Boyacks were the maternal grandparents of Ellen Pitman Harris.

Ann Boyack therefore,  is Ellen’s great-aunt

The James and Ann Boyack Ririe Story

 James was the youngest of nine children and learned the agricultural skills from the age of 11 years in his native Scotland.

The romance of James and Ann is that which movie scripts are written about in just a bit more detail than scripted in this story.

Long live romance!


Robert Mathew Boyack

Robert Mathew Boyack is the Grandfather to Ellen Pitman Harris – the children of Paul and Afton Felt, knew Ellen Pitman Harris and Grandma Harris.

In his story, we read Robert Boyack was a”meticulous person” in that he recorded the following purchases:

Singer Sewing Machine         $ 56.75
Organ                                        $100.00
Freight for organ                    $15.50
Monitor stove                           $56.80

In addition, Robert kept records a “book of births and deaths in his family and of relatives.

Of interest, when Robert was later to be a Barber, he received 15 cents for shaves and 25 cents for a haircut.


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