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Paul Jr. brings his boys to America

A Kind Uncle Full of Boyhood

      Without trying, we can have quite an impact on other members of the family by simply being ourselves.  As you know, my son Robert was born in Salt Lake City and we moved to Australia when he was not quite two years old.  It was to be six or seven years later that Robert was to again visit his place of birth.  It was a wonderful experience for him.  Many things happened but the most memorable in terms of what he spoke about the most, was the contact he had with his Uncle Tom.  Tom was about 13 years old at the time and into motorcycles generally and anything else of value specifically.  Despite being busy and popular, he found time to spend with Robert.  He took him motor bike riding.  Showed him how to clean his bike.  Overall, Tom was very interested in Robert as a person.

      When Robert returned home what do you think he talked about to Gerrit and Troy?  Uncle Tom of course!  Why, Tom did this.  Tom did that.  Tom could do everything!  In fact, he could even play basketball and the Felts and Clarks had their own basketball backboard.  In fact, Tom became somewhat of a hero in the minds of my boys.  Apart from his generous contacts with Robert, Tom was also young enough that my boys could relate to him.

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