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Tribute Poem from Grandchildren

Dearest Grandpa,

I love you so deeply, that I truly felt devastated at the news of your death. I’m sure you already know all of this, but I want to write this to you so that if you don’t know some of this, you might be able to look down and read this.

The darkness swishes and swirls in the sky,

seeping into hearts and gobbling the laughter from within.

The heartaches are many in the world,

but now the darkness creeps up to your kin.

I wonder why we choose to love,

For love can make us grieve.

But some how I am positive,

that you’ll never really leave.

The hole in my heart has vanished,

in fact it was never there.

I know one day we’ll see him again

because our love for him is rare.

Miss ya Gramps, but can’t wait to see you again. Give Betty me love.

Luv Jes

FuneralsPaul Ernest Felt, SnrTribute Poem from Grandchildren