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Challenges little brothers, Root Beer at stake

A Champion Wrestler He Was Not

      Paul became a part of our games just as if he were one of the kids.  We paid a visit to him in San Diego when he was serving in the Coast Guard.  I was thrilled with how smart he looked in his Coast Guard whites!  His woollen dress blues had to be kept lint free and he showed me how a twist of masking tape, sticky side out, could be used to remove any.  Returning home from his mission he carried a wonderful assortment of boomerangs, kangaroo skins and toy koala bears.  He also had an assortment of girl friends both before and after his mission.  We all formed opinions about the ones that we thought he should marry.

      Paul would challenge Larry and I to wrestling matches, the loser having to buy mugs of root beer for all at A&W.  Of course Larry and I could never afford to pay for his drink as well as our own, so we took care never to lose!  As the years passed these matches continued until Paul realized that this little game with kid brothers had become more than he bargained for.

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