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Ernest William Felt

Stories and History


Brief History

The Black Model ‘T’ Ford was parked and being packed for yet another outing for the Ernest and Mae and the family.



The Family

I Remember Dad

by a daughter:  Edyth Myrtle Thompson Thurman

Dated:  July 20, 1988




Brief History

David P Felt the father of Ernest baptized the boy August 7, 1899.

This narrative records that Mae loved to walk; and fast she did – everywhere.


Life Story

Life Story of Ernest William Felt from 1891 to 1972

One of seven children, Ernest was born on
New Years Day, Jan 1, 1891


Brief History

This link is a journal kept by Marguerite Mae Felt Gubler yet relevant to this section as she recalls her experiences and memories of Ernest William Felt, her father.


Daughter's Memories

Daughter Marguerite Mae Felt Gubler records her memories.

She writes: “We were living on Kensington Ave….. around 1918.”

Picture: Ernest and Mae with Marguerite and Paul Ernest


Loved Family Outings

The Model T was a luxury sitting in front of the house at 828 South 100 West in Salt Lake City – the family was going camping – Ernest was ready to go but where were Mae and the kids. To bad his cranking of the car was not yet successful.

Image:  The picture is Ernest’s mother, Adeline Harris Spears Felt with her children about 1898 in Provo, UT


Daughter's Memories

Ernest and Mae would love to sit on the front porch and talk with the neighbors

Picture: Mae and Ernest Felt 1946

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Like The Mountains - Solid & Standing Tall
Ernest William Felt guided his family by example
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