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Mom was expecting twins and we were quite excited about all this new twist to our family.  They arrived on September 1, 1963 and when we wanted to see them we had to settle for looking up from the parking lot of Utah Valley Hospital and see first one then the other as Mom held them up to the window.

      One evening all the children of the family gathered around the kitchen table to discuss preferences for names for the new additions to our family.  After proposing several alternatives we came up with Thomas and Tamara and submitted this combination to Mom and Dad.  When Grandpa Harris learned of our choices he noted that since we intended to call them Tom and Tammy we ought to just give them these names to start out with.  We all agreed with the logic and so it was.

      An acquaintance of Mom’s had recently given birth to twins whom she had named Tom and Tammy and upon hearing of our intentions she phoned to protest.  Mom replied very simply, “I’m sorry, but I have nothing to say about it.  You’ll have to speak to my children.”

            So just as Paul Jr. left the home the twins arrived.  The house was home to Dad and Mom, John 17, Yvonne 15, Marilynn 12, O’Larry 8, Ronald 6, Jessie 4, Kathleen 3 and the newborn twins

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