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“My Story” are just that!

Stories of your Parent, Sibling,  Ancestors either in the form of a third party record or even better, a person journal leading to exciting images of life “back when”.

Stories of M Afton Felt

Journals and Stories as given by Afton Felt are a delight; additional, they reveal life as it was during her lifetime.   These narratives will create visual and priceless views of her life.

These stories are in two sections. The first leading up to the Logan, Utah days followed with later years.

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Personal History of Marilynn Felt Forsyth

Marilynn was a lot like Afton Harris Felt in that she kept journals and writings of important events in her life and those of her family. Like others, Marilynn discovered the digital world thus learned new skills leading to these books.  Steve, her husband, along with Tammy Felt Williams, the printed books have now been available for this medium. Click on the links below are navigate with Menu Buttons in Header above.

Book 1

Book 2

Book 3a

Book 3b

Book 4a

Book 4b

Personal History of Tammy Felt Williams

Both Tammy and her Husband Kirk kept journals which allowed them to produce a memories for the benefit of generations yet (perhaps) to come.  Some delightful narrative will allow the reader to enjoy a bit of romance and even some sadness.  Treasured experiences.

Vol 1

Vol 2

Vol 3

Vol 4

Kirks Childhood Memories

My Story