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We have heard of the term “Love Letters in the Sand” and many other metaphors of such a simple word as L O V E.


That said, not often can one experience the love in another couple’s behavior.  Yet, we, the children and grandchildren of Afton and Paul Felt, for we have witnessed the behavior between them.



Now, we have correspondence Afton Felt has preserved for us to live through the written word to what extent these lovers lived their lives together.  We can, as it were, step back in time and witness love in action.



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A Simple Quick Note

The following are letters during the WWII years between a Navy Officer and a sweet Nursing Student.  We know them as Paul E Felt and M Afton Harris.

Certainly, 1943 was a good year to fall in love.

23 March 1943

26March 1943

3 May 1943

11 May 1943

19 May 1943

06 June 1943

Last of the letters we have. This is the envelope into which the letter was received.  Interesting that Mom should keep this envelope as well

06 June 1943

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