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Oh dear – How “Embarrsment” for some Felt siblings Felt’s Cry Out: “Enough is Enough”

After reliving the painful memories from their past, from eating dinner with utensils that didn’t match to being called home by a fog horn, the Felt Family is crying out for release. 

“Please,” they say, “enough of this Newsletter.  Our spouses are beginning to understand us too well!”      

Tom, for example, mentions:

“I was just now getting over the embarrassment I suffered when my best friend–the coolest kid in the class who had come to my sleepover party–was awakened by the sound of the Kirby coming down the stairs at 7:00 AM.  After we got past this, he came to family prayer and we forgot to tell him about the silence we observed after praying.  He thought someone had died!  Then I fell asleep during scripture reading and with him sitting between Tammy and me, I started rereading what Kathleen had just read.  Then breakfast was served and he had never seen wheat cereal before and he really only loved Wonder Bread, you know, the one with the colored balloons all over the package.”      

Marilynn adds: “I find it very interesting that Ron has left out the part about kicking a hole in my door when he was mad over having to do the dishes saying that it was really my turn.  How could it have been my turn when I had just done them the night before?”      

Of course, as we feared, Paul, John and Yvonne are smugly reminding everyone else in the family that times were a lot harder for them.  “Dad and Mom were new at this idea of raising kids when we were young so everything was quite different for us.  None of this luxurious life with indulgent child rearing practices!”      

O’Larry is just sitting back quietly, glad that no one mentioned the episode of his running away from home. 

The note said, “Dear Mom and Dad.  I am leaving home but please don’t take this personally, I think you are great parents.  Love your son, O’Larry.  P.S.  By the way, I’ll be taking the car.”

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