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50th Wedding Celebration

Paul E Felt

Father-Grandfather-Husband, Felt Family


Paul E. Felt

As I reflect on the events of last summer my heart is full. There could not be any greater honor given to parents than what you gave us. Everything was perfect. We couldn’t have dreamed of anything else.

Let me share with you some of my special memories:. The days leading up to this time were special. Just knowing that you were all coming home was anticipated and looked forward to. With everyone so scattered this is a wonderful feat. Some of our friends have all eight of their children living within a mile of them and it makes me wonder what we did to send you out to so many nations in the world. We love to have you come and appreciate all the effort it was to make it possible for all of you to be here.

We appreciate companions who were so willing to take over and tend children and be both Mom and Dad so you could be here.

As trips to the Airport were made and most of you gathered here it was a great time of sharing, of remembering and laughing and some tears over events of the past. The morning hours were upon us before bed beckoned each of us and not until everyone was so weary were we willing to give in to get some sleep. There were some of you who had not arrived and we missed you on these two evenings.

For some of you, your beds were on the floor with a blanket and a pillow, but no one seemed to be to concerned as long as they had a place to lay down. We appreciate your being such good sports and wanting to stay and enjoy each other here.

Sunday was special for us as you joined us and attended Church meetings with us. It was two proud parents as we introduced you in Sunday School and Relief Society and Priesthood meetings.


So many comments on our beautiful daughters and handsome sons. We still have people comment on the day you were all at church with us. For us it was very special to have you there, for we can see deeper than the outward beauty that each of you, our sons and daughter possess, and are so grateful that each of you hold the Church dear to your heart and have a testimony and a conviction that it is true. How blessed we are!!!

Sunday afternoon some you were with us as were went on what is a tradition in the Harris family to visit the cemetery on this Memorial day. This has been part of our life together these 50 years and many of you have joined us on other occasion on Memorial days of the past. (The day before we were married was the official Memorial day, for like this year the 30the was on Sunday and we joined my parents on a trip to Provo and Spanish Fork) We were joined by some grandchildren this day and it was treat to have everyone with us for dinner and a time to be together. This Sunday was a time of rejoicing over our blessings to have all of you here with us.

Monday dawned early and again time to visit, it has been wonderful to have these extra days with you. Some went out on errands and different activities, The girls and Mom went to the Mall together and a couple of you had facials and Deseret Book where we met Dad and some of the brothers. Time to return home and be ready for the big event came quickly as we returned home we were met by Paul Jr. bearing a dozen yellow roses that he gave to us. It was a beautiful reminder of his early years when he often sent his mother flowers for Valentine day and Easter. We took the roses to B.YU with us and enjoyed them here at home after all had gone home for several days.

How fitting that this wonderful event was at B. Y U

This is where our beginnings were, and the past 36 years our life has centered around this campus, with professional opportunity, we were part of the faculty, making it possible for each of us to also enjoy so much on this beautiful campus. Dad has often said, “He has a love affair with B.YU” It has been so good to us and made possible many wonderful times. Some of you have met your spouse’s here, had opportunities for education and work.

The room was set up so festive and beautiful, with the tables set with a flower arrangement on each one. This was a time of rejoicing as Paul Jr. acted as the master of ceremonies. We were served a wonderful meal and listened to the response that each of you gave. Tears flowed freely and at times we wondered if we could make it. It was sounding like all this was for someone else and then we would look around the room and see each of you our children and grandchildren and realize it wasn’t just a dream and that you were saying all these wonderful things for us. Each of your responses are a treasure to us – Thank you – Thank you. It was a perfect day, Even more beautiful than we could have ever dreamed possible.

We have always planned on this day being a family day and we thank you for honoring our wishes and making it a perfect day.

On June 1 the actual day of our 50th anniversary we gathered in the Provo Temple to take part in a sealing session. We cannot fully express our feelings to be here in the Temple surrounded by our children.

There is no greater honor that you could pay us than to have all of you worthy to enter the temple for this special sealing session, to have you there with us and to have you worthy to have a Temple recommend. Two of you weren’t with us, not for unworthiness but because of prior commitments.

You were missed.

We know what Heaven will be like, we count our blessings to have each of you our sons and daughters and each day we thank Heavenly Father for you and your companions and our beautiful grandchildren. As we see the happiness that you share in your marriages and it brings great joy and happiness to us.

In Mom’s patriarchal blessing she was told that she would have a noble and righteous posterity. You are the beginning of the fulfillment of this blessing, you are our Heavenly Treasures and our greatest desire is when we move to another sphere is to have no empty chairs when we join each other there.


Varge and Ethel

Friends from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Period, Personality Traits of Paul and Afton Felt

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