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But the suit was nicely tailored in the Dream of a Baby Boy      

In early July 1955, Mom woke Dad in the middle of the night to tell him that she had just had a vivid dream detailing the birth of a baby boy.  She mentioned the strange details of the dream which included the scene of the doctor running into the delivery room wearing a dark suit in place of a hospital gown.      

A week later, with the date of expected delivery at hand, Mom went to the Iron County Hospital feeling that the birth was imminent.  She had been through this same process five times before and she was confident in her recognition of the signs of birth.  However, after seeing her, Dr. Edmunds was certain that several hours still remained and that there was no immediate justification for her concern.      

“You’re still hours, maybe even a day or so away from delivering this baby.  Ella and I are going to be at the movies and while I’m sure I won’t be needed, the nurse has the phone number for the theater and I’ll leave word at the ticket office,” and he was off.      

As the clock moved past eight o’clock and as the movie had gotten well under way, the baby was on its way!  The nurse started calling the theater, frantic over how quickly things were moving along.  When they finally reached him and as he came rushing into the delivery room, Mom looked on in wonder as each detail of her dream of barely a week ago began to unfold just as she had seen it and just has she had related it to Dad. 

She watched Dr. Edmunds rush into the room, pulling up the sleeves of his dark suit coat as he scrubbed.  There wasn’t time to change and he delivered the baby in this attire. 

If was Friday, July 13, 1955 and a healthy baby boy arrived at 8:50 p.m.  He was given the name O’Larry Harris.

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