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Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting;

The Soul that rises with us, our life’s Star,

Hath had elsewhere its setting And cometh from afar;

Not in entire forgetfulness, And not in utter nakedness,

But trailing clouds of glory do we come From God, who is our home:

Ode on Intimations of Immortality  William Wordsworth 1770-1850


Arliene Nofchissey sings “Go My Son” from Wilford Numkena’s album “From The Eagle’s Bed”


Remarks from Family Members about Paul E. Felt's life
Paul Felt Jr.

The weekend leading up to Feb.15 1999 was to be as, it were, a wake- up call.

It was several days before in which we, along with other members of the family, had been waiting anxiously concerning the health and improvement of our father. I do not recall a time in my experience in which I have gone through such a variety of emotions. In fact, I do not think my emotions would be far different from other members of the family including the brothers and sisters and the multitude of grandchildren and others who love Paul Felt Sr.

My most pronounced dread was boarding a plane in Australia the purpose of the journey was to attend the funeral of one of my parents. Therefore, with the ongoing health problems that Dad had been experiencing combined with the generosity of the fare purchase arrangements that Ron has been able to provide via frequent flier miles, I was able to make a trip to Provo in November for two weeks. For the first time, in making the trip to see the family, I reached friends to let them know the purpose of my visit was dedicated to my family. As expected, they understood.

What a glorious and wonderful occasion that turned out to be.

In past visits, I was able to spend quality time with Mother and Dad without disruption from other demanding sources. Apart from my regular time with Samantha, Gerrit and Jade, and my choice brothers and sisters, my focus on Mother and Dad was most rewarding.

Now having said that, by way of background information, the resulting impact of having to board a plane for Dad’s funeral was not so painfully devastating as I expected

As hard as the funeral was I rejoice at the wonderful time I spent with Dad and Mom in November. I treasure that time more and more as I reflect and remember those few days in February.

Do you really want to know what I now value most? Lynne and I have listened to the funeral. How impressive that occasion was! I have attended many funerals and indeed conducted many of them; each was sad and painful for the family members. Please forgive me for not having the skill to express my love for each of you and what you provided by way of spiritual reinforcement and profound love that was shown to Dad’s memory because of what you each contributed, I continue to be impressed and indeed proud to be part of such a family as Mother and Dad created. I can only say, I will value that day in February as we honored our father and the beloved friend he was and will continue to be to each of us.

What I value the most may be considered as somewhat selfish but indeed important to me. You see, I was cleaning out the Jeep on Wednesday (after the funeral) when I came across Dad’s jacket I picked it up and tears freely rolled down my cheeks as I remembered warmly the 1ast time I saw him wear that simple jacket. As I expressed my wish to Mother concerning the jacket, she graciously gave it to me. I tucked it away gently in my suitcase and wondered what I would do next As I unpacked it in Melbourne, I picked up this jacket and held it carefully and then a flood of memories came to my consciousness yet again.

How grateful I am for that simple gift; something of my dear father.

Now I wear it. I feel like a part of Dad is now with me whenever I touch, carry or wear it.

So, the funeral was a time of rejoicing and a celebration of Dad’s memory. For me, I carry that memory with me and as a constant reminder I have this unadorned jacket that to anyone else would just be a piece of clothing, yet, to me, it is my link to Dad.

Lynne Hill Felt – Daughter in Law

Dad’s funeral, what could I possibly say that would be new to the feelings and thoughts of the other family members? Being a “foreigner” I may have a different slant to how I saw things, so this may be of interest to others.

You couldn’t possibly understand the frustration we felt at being a such a distance with you, in another country divided by a vast ocean or two, unless you were in the same position yourself; Ron and Tracy would have experienced the same frustrations I am sure.

I look back now and remember how disoriented I was just in carrying out my daily chores once we had received the disturbing news as to the status of Dad’s condition. We did not know if we should leave immediately upon hearing the news or did we wait till the worst had happened, the next thing how could Paul come considering the cost of airfares.

I was determined to try and raise the funds so as Paul could get there and tried every avenue I could think of with no luck. We received the news we were dreading along with the offer of assistance that would enable both of us to come, the generosity of those responsible was very overwhelming to us.

I knew that Americans have a tradition of having the deceased on public view as I had attended a viewing on the East Coast of a girl friend’s grandmother. I did not know her that well so coped quite well with the experience. When I considered what the ramifications would be in participating in such a tradition of someone I loved I found the prospect very daunting. I certainly was not prepared for such an outpouring of sympathy from friends and associates, and the number of people that were at the first viewing service was an indication to me as to how many lives Dad touched in his sojourn on the earth.

Some of you may have noticed that I stood in the main reception room for some time before joining the family in the reception line. This was simply because I had not experienced being in the presence of a deceased person for that length of time and in such close proximity. Here in Australia when someone dies, their body is kept at the mortuary “under lock and key” until the day of the funeral, then all we see is the closed coffin at the front of the chapel.

The service is held in the same way, some more impersonal than others, there are more and more family members taking part in the service these days than they used to, and this gives a warmer feeling to the service.

I am so glad I was able to put away all my tears and join the line as I experienced first hand the type of man that Dad was from the comments made, I was able to learn so much more about him that I hadn’t known. I also gained another dimension of understanding of my darling husband, meeting a lot of his childhood associates and reliving his “past discretion’s” with them filled in a few gaps that I have missed out on by living here in the “colonies”.

Mildred l want to thank you so much for contributing to the service as you did, and it began when you and Bill and your friends first walked into the Relief Society Room at the Second viewing and just prior to the funeral service.

I became choked up when I first set eyes on you all and it continued from there with the feather ceremony and then your rendition of “Go My Son”.

Thank you to all those family members who spoke at the service, I know how hard it was as I spoke at my Mother’s funeral and it is not easy to be composed long enough to say all those things that are in your heart.

Bill kept up with the “Grass Dance” as I am sure you will be in high demand to perform when you are out in the mission field. I loved it and loved your costume.

Yvonne Felt Jordan

The morning that Dad died, Marilynn, Becky and DeAnne and l were with dad while Mom went home to shower. He was very hot and we took turns fanning him with a damp cloth and putting a cool damp cloth on his face and arms.

I had recently had surgery and I was still quite ill. Becky drove me up to the hospital at a moment’s notice. My sisters met me at the hospital entrance with a wheelchair. and whisked me right up to see Dad I am so very grateful that I was able to be with him before he died I had the opportunity to thank him for the privilege of being his daughter, as well as to tell him one last time that I loved him.

Marilynn Felt Forsvth

I am so humbled as I think of my Dad, Paul E. Felt, and his life. Dad was truly a Celestial person. He showed it in his everyday life. When we were visiting at their house and we would kneel for family prayer, in his prayers I could truly feel that he was talking to our Heavenly Father. He was so concerned for all family members.

I always felt at peace knowing that he was praying for me.

Dad’s passing away was a very spiritual experience for me. I felt at peace during the days before his passing. I could feel his spirit helping me. I was especially touched as I saw him going in and out of consciousness. Dad was a spiritual giant on this earth, and he died a spiritual giant. After Dad died I went to the nurse to tell her “”thank you” and I said. “Have you ever seen anyone die?”

She shook her head in a “no” fashion.

I said, “this was such a spiritual experience for me.” She gave me an unusual look.

I was touched on Tuesday night when Stephanie brought in her CD player given to her by Grandpa, and we played some of his favorite music. I listened to Dad’s music and stroked his hair and said, “Dad I love you. Thanks for your love you always had for me.”

We also played the song, “Angels Among Us” by Alabama. I have always loved this song. l remember the first time Dad heard the song on the radio. Yvonne, Dad and I were driving to Wal-Man in Park City, Utah.

We were at a Sisters’ reunion and we needed some craft items. Dad listened to the song. After that, he related the incident he had in Hawaii when he was so troubled and did not know what to do about a particular problem. He went on a hill to pray, and a stranger came to him and helped him out. This man was an angel coming to help Dad.

Our family gave Dad a tape with this song on it, and it has always been special to me. As I listened to this song with Dad and stroked his head. I knew that Dad would always be an “Angel Among Us”.

Since Dad’s passing. I have felt his spirit with me many times. As we toured the Church History sites in March we went to the Independence Visitors Center. A sister missionary greeted us and talked to us about the beautiful picture of Christ with his hands outstretched. She asked me how I felt about this picture. I immediately said, “My Father recently passed away and this is how I picture Christ greeting my Dad. My Dad was such a spiritual man. 11

I started to cry and so did the sister missionary.

In Primary sharing time one day we were singing the song “I Wonder When He Comes Again,” and at that time I felt Dad’s spirit and love for the Savior and for me.

I felt Dad’s spirit with us at the funeral, but especially with the three musical numbers. “Go My Son” was impressive as Bill told about the son and Windy and her friends sang the song. It was such a beautiful tribute to Dad. “We Will Hold On Together” directed by DeAnne and accompanied by Jason was extremely powerful. I feel like that song will be our theme song forever. How special to know that all the Grandchildren will continue forever to “Hold on Together Forever”.

“How Great Thou Art” by Jan Broberg Felt accompanied by Jason Olsen inspired me.

As you can see, Dad remains a powerful influence in my life and in the life of my family. I have always been so proud to say, “My Dad is Paul Felt”. His example will live on forever through the family members.

Steve Forsyth

Grandpa Felt’s funeral was the celebration of a great life. Like his life, the funeral was family and gospel oriented. Family members expressed their love in word, song and prayer. Like Grandma Fe1t, I hope Marilynn will speak at my funeral.

It was always easy to like Grandpa Felt. He and my father possessed the same values: family and gospel first. Both were college professors, excellent teachers interested in their students. Although skilled Church leaders, they exhibited humility. Being with Grandpa Felt was like being home.

A particular attribute of Grandpa that I admired was his love and respect for Grandma Felt. I never heard him express an unkind word to her or about her. It was a harmony that we can only hope to seek. For the eternities, it serves as a strong foundation.

This Is Mail Mother (Afton Felt) Sent To Ron

Quoting from Mom’s message:

“I am so grateful that Dad was able to dedicate the Hobble Creek home on Christmas Eve. When so many of us were gathered and thrilled to finally to be in the home with so many that we loved. When I think how close we came to not getting up there, it would have been such a major tragedy. When we turned around to come down Dad and I were in tears because it looked like we couldn’t celebrate Christmas as we had planned.

Dad was so pleased to be able to Dedicate the Home. This was a highlight for us and something I will always remember. Him going in the bedroom to get properly dressed for this special occasion. I’m sure it will be a treasure for all the family that was there.

One time Dad told Sam Allman. “I hope I can live long enough to see this house finished.” Sam turned to me and said,” Then don’t ever finish it”.

Both of us have felt [a peaceful reverence] at Hobble Creek. Dad felt it and loved to be there. I’m glad that we were able to be there this last good day of his life. I think

Our day was a near perfect one. We went to the Temple and did Sealings. I had to sit on a chair and a few weeks earlier Dad had told me that he would sit to take part to do the sealing. When we were there he would kneel. That Friday morning the Sealer suggested he sit on a chair and he answered that his knees had done a lot of kneeling.

We went out to lunch and then spent the afternoon with a nice fire in the fireplace at in the living room and read and visited I treasure this time.

  • I’m still getting calls and cards, people are wonderful. I still feel peace and a comforting spirit. How blessed I am. The Gospel has given me a lifeline and the knowledge that we will be together again. How blessed I am to have each of you children. I count my blessings each day, for each of you have surrounded me with caring love.
  • “I have a beautiful letter from a missionary who attended the services. I am only quoting two paragraphs. “What a powerful spiritual experience that day was”.

“From the services I came away with such a crisp vision of the continuation of life after death. The spirit touched me, and l perceived with my heart more than ever in my life of the gentle, natural event of how life is very much tied to this one, and that they are in reality they are the same11 you to read it all. It is a letter of tribute to Dad.”

Jessie Felt Allman

As I look back on the time we were able to spend with dad the last few days of his life. I think about how much I miss him, and how hard it was watching him and feeling so helpless. But I do know that he is happy. I think of how lucky we all were to have him with us for so many years and what a great life he had I think of a quote I read that said,

“Blessed is the child that can see God in his Earthly father.”

I can see much of God in dad. I cannot think of one thing I did not like about him. He was my first best friend.

Dad not only touched each one of our lives and the lives of our children, but it was very apparent that he touched so many people’s lives. As the different people came to express their sympathy, I was so proud to be his daughter. I left the funeral vowing to become a better person. It was so uplifting and a real tribute to dad

How blessed we have been to be a part of this wonderful family. Dad taught us to love the Lord and serve the Lord in word and action. And hopefully, we can pass that on to our children. Dad made us all feel 10 feet tall. I think we all felt we were the favorite and each one of the grandkids felt they were the favorite. Like Kathleen said in her talk, he didn’t divide his love, he multiplied it.

Times like this are never easy, but we are so blessed to know the plan our Father in Heaven has for each of us and that we will be with Dad again.

Tammy Felt Williams

Jessie, Marilynn, Kathleen and I were standing around Dad and holding his hand and kissing him. We had just been to lunch at Deseret Industries and also shopped there. I was telling Dad how much we loved him and telling him how much we as his children loved being together.

A tear escaped out of his eye.

Oh how Dad loved to hear how much fun we have together!

Kirk Williams (excerpt of a letter Kirk wrote to Tammy)

Your Father’s funeral was one of the neatest most wonderful experiences of my life. I lived on every word that was spoken. There could be no greater tribute to your Father than the one that was demonstrated by you and your family. Not necessarily because of the things you said about him but because of the way you all said them ….with such love, such strength, such testimony and such power. It made me and everyone else re-evaluate and desire to do and be better.

Thoughts on Grandpa’s Funeral

Jodie Marie Felt Robinson (Granddaughter)

I never thought that attending a funeral would ever be an experience that I would cherish as a fond memory. But I must say that Grandpa Felt’s funeral was an experience I will tell my grandchildren about. An experience that taught me about my heritage and reminded me of how blessed I am to be a member of the Paul E. Felt family.

I cherished the time that I was able to spend with aunts, uncles, cousins, and family friends during the days leading up to the funeral as well as the day itself. As I listened to the stories about my grandfather-some serious and some humorous-about my grandfather, I felt as if I was getting to know him all over again.

At the viewing, I was touched when absolute strangers came up to me saying, “Are you a granddaughter? I knew your grandfather and he was an amazing man.” One man told me of how Grandpa Felt taught him in seminary 30-40 years ago. He talked of how Grandpa reached out to him and made him feel like a worthwhile person while other teachers had never given him a chance. This man said Grandpa’s kindness changed the course of his life.

This was only one of many stories that I heard affirming that Paul E. Felt was more than an ordinary human being. He was a master like the Master himself reaching down and lifting up those around him never asking or expecting praise or glory.

I shed many tears over the loss of my Grandpa that weekend, but I kept reminding myself that I was so blessed to have known him for 30 years. I am one of the oldest grandchildren and had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with him as a child and as a youth. As an adult, while attending BYU, I was able to visit with Grandpa often during family gatherings, and quiet talks at the MTC . I enjoyed telling him about my college experiences and seeking his advice. I was blessed to have him marry Christian and me in the temple, and to have him attend the blessing of my first child, two wonderful memories, which 1 am so happy that he was a part of.

As I listened during the funeral services to my aunts and uncles pay tribute to this, my grandfather, I gleamed with pride knowing that I, Jodi Marie Felt Robinson, am part of his legacy. I was touched by the beautiful song “Go My Son” that Bill, Wendy and their close friends performed, and the ceremony before the closing of the casket when the man placed the eagle feather on Grandpa’s chest symbolizing he had earned the highest honor among the Indian people. But perhaps my most spiritual and personally rewarding experience came later that day after Grandpa’s grave had been covered and sealed

It was near the end of the day when my mother and father and driven back to the cemetery to visit the gravesite. The sun shone down through the trees casting a soft light on the myriad of flowers covering his grave; a wreath decorated with plastic cars (given to him by all the grandchildren because he loved cars), another wreath in the shape of a “Y, from his colleagues at BYU, and a rainbow of roses, carnations, lilies, and many other fragrant flowers.

It appeared as if it were holy ground.

As the small group of my aunts. uncles, and relatives chatted quietly about the day’s events, I wandered closer to the grave to quietly whisper to Grandpa one last time that I loved him. It was a silent offering but one that I know he heard.

Tears welled in my eyes. My heartfelt afire. And suddenly, from head to toe, a feeling that I’ve only known when l have visited the temple overcame me.

I could not move. I dared not. 1 was even afraid to wipe away the tears streaming down my cheeks; afraid that the slightest movement would scare this awesome feeling away. The feeling I felt was peace. It was a happy, joyous feeling that tingled through my entire soul. I wondered if 1 just concentrated hard enough if I would be able to see the angels that I knew must be close by. I had a silent conversation in my mind thanking Heavenly Father for my grandfather and promising him that I would live my life so that I could someday be with him.

Five minutes must have passed and the feeling was still so strong. I then closed my eyes and peacefully took one step toward family members standing at the other end of the gravesite. I think I smiled as I looked up into the sky thinking that He was there. I know he must have been close by.

He asked Grandma to tell us that he wanted us to feel peaceful about his passing. That it was his time, and he was with God.

I felt that peace.

And it was a gift.

Thoughts on Grandpa’s Passing Away – Stephanie Ellen Forsvth (Granddaughter)

It was a normal Saturday afternoon and I was on my computer when I heard the horrifying news that Grandpa Felt had broken his back, had a stroke and was in the hospital. Time just stopped and I didn’t know what to do. I called my mom and she just cried on the phone. She made plans to catch a plane on Sunday.

Those words have never been so comforting.

Living in Provo was a blessing to me, as I was able to spend some precious moments with Grandpa before he passed away.   As I was searching for a ride over to the hospital, no one was home. I sat down and cried, praying and attempting to figure out a way I could make it over to the hospital.

My prayers were answered as one of my best friends called and asked if I needed anything and that she felt like she should call. I was indeed grateful that my prayers were answered and she took me over to see Grandpa.

In my journal, I wrote about my experiences in the hospital that day. The veil is so thin and I got to fully appreciate this gospel and witness with my experiences with him in the last few days of his life.

lt was one of the most spiritual times of my life, and I will never forget how I felt and the feelings that I had. Grandpa said to me, “Stephanie, I don’t know who you will marry, but l want to be there for you when you do.” l know he will be there on that awesome day of my life when I am able to get married in the temple for all time and eternity.

On Sunday in the hospital, John and Larry gave him the most wondrous blessing. The spirit was so strong it flooded the room with peace and knowledge of the gospel.

Monday, I went to school and I came home and had a message that they had moved him down to the Intensive Care Unit because his health was diminishing and they needed to keep a watchful eye on him. Scared out of my mind, I went down to the hospital to see him. It was a shock to me to see him in this state. I will always remember him for his vibrant zeal for life and knowledge and willingness to share the gospel.

That afternoon after class, when I rushed to the hospital, I found that it was time to say our good-byes. In a way, I was extremely sad and scared, but I had a ton of peace and calmness and I knew without a doubt that I would see him again.

The next morning, Tuesday, the doctors had a slight hint of hope that he would be able to come out of it but I think most everyone wanted to believe that, but when Grandma said that she knew it was time for him to go, it was like a ton of bricks hit me.

I was feeling sorrowful, which was in no way comparable to the empathy. I felt for my mom, her brothers and sisters, and especially Grandpa’s dear wife Grandma. That night I was going to go swimming, but the pool was closed which was a miracle that it was.

Around 9:45, I got a phone call from my mom to please come to the hospital as soon as possible. In a frantic state, I got a ride and hurried over to the hospital.

That night is still vivid in my mind. As l stood in the room with him, I could feel his presence so near, but yet he really was so far away. Angels were all among us that night.

As he took his last breaths of air, l was contemplating about the amazing thing we call life. A child is born and then eventually grows up and dies. But death is not a bad thing, it is just part of the life cycle that we all have to go through. Death and Birth: two of the wondrous miracles that are given to us on this earth.

At these moments, we are so close to heaven.

About a month later, the sister of my roommate, Alicia had a baby girl. We got the awesome opportunity to babysit her in the afternoons. One afternoon as Marta was fussy; three of us started singing to this little angel hymns about Christ.

She was looking up at my picture of Christ and she just got this peaceful angelic look on her face. Along with birth and death, we can experience the same closeness to our Heavenly Father if we only reach out and grab that chance that we have.

That night while Grandpa lay on the brink of the separation between his mortal body and his spirit, I reflected on the importance of staying close to our Heavenly Father.

The impact that Grandpa made on this earthly world will last forever, always imprinted in my heart and mind. This was illustrated to me, by not only the number of people that came to pay their respects for our wonderful Grandfather, but also by the quality and the spirit of the people he touched. While all the Grandchildren sang the song, ‘ We Will Hold On Together,” written by DeAnne, I didn’t know if l was going to be able to make it through the song.

The talks, songs, prayers, and other words, which were spoken, praised Grandpa’s life. I am so grateful to have so many wonderful memories of Grandpa, and for the amazing experience that I was able to be a pan of with him in the last few days of his mortal life.

The blessings of the gospel can help us in the most trying times. Let us remember the memories that we have with the wonderful man that we call grandfather, husband, father, and most of all, friend

My feeling about Grandpa’s funeral – Stacey Forsvth(Granddaughter)

I felt peaceful that Grandpa could now go up to heaven and not have any pain. I felt glad since different cultures could be there and do stuff (such as Indians). I felt good that Grandpa had influenced so many people. I felt brave that I did not cry through the whole thing. l felt lucky that all our Felt family (practically) could come. I was excited that all of the grandchildren could sing, “We Will Hold On Together.” I am so excited that we can have such a great Felt family.

David Felt Jordan (Grandson)

The weekend of Grandpa’s funeral was a sad time, but also a very spiritual time. Grandpa lived a very good life. He was strong in the gospel and was a great example to us all. We all knew that he was there in spirit I could feel his presence near. It was a testimony to me of God’s plan of Salvation. It was a real family orientated weekend The whole family pulled together to give love and support to one another and to show their love towards Grandpa. It was a celebration of his life.

The spirit at Grandpa’s funeral was strong. Memories of him and love for him were given through music and spoken word.

I’ll miss Grandpa Felt very much, but I’ll always remember the things he taught me through word and example. He is someone that I’ve always looked up to and will continue to look up to.

Julie Weight Jordan (Granddaughter)

My impressions of Grandpa Felt’s funeral are how many people you can touch in one lifetime and how because Grandpa Felt was always such a great person, his influence on all those people and on us was of incredible value! What a great example! Grandpa Felt made sure several times, when Dave and I got married, to make sure I knew I was welcomed in the family!

And I definitely knew it. Because of Grandpa’s incredible energy and zest for life, I have no doubt of the great work he is doing now for our Father.

Justin C. Forsyth (Grandson)

Ever since grandpa died, my outlook on life has changed spiritually. He has had an enormous impact on my life and I know he has done the same to many others. He showed so much of his love and happiness toward us, and that made me feel very special. His wonderful testimony of the gospel has really strengthened mine. I used to have so much fun with him going to different places, and even just being at his house because of his enthusiasm for life. I love grandpa very much and his death has carved a small hole in my heart, but I know that l will be able to see him again.

Kathleen Felt Covey

I have had a difficult time sitting down and writing this. l know we have all gone through the mourning process in different ways. For me writing this is a difficult task. My memories are so close to my heart. l find it hard to even write things down.

I re-listened to the funeral talk and was so touched by each prayer, song, and word that was spoken. I felt my feelings expressed perfectly when Ron said ”Dad has asked for no tears or sorrow. But we can not do that for the loss we feel is too great” I feel as though I have lost one of my best friends, my greatest advocate, my patriarch who constantly prayed for me.

We have a picture on the wall of Christ as is being been prepared for burial and they were ready to place him in the Garden Tomb. The people around him are mourning His loss. This is how I feel. I feel like these people because I know how they must have felt to have lost Jesus Christ. They had the privilege of walking, talking, hearing his sermons and learning from his example. L feel privileged to be Paul Felt’s daughter.

I, like these people in Christ’s time, have been richly blessed to be able to do these same things with my father.

Last month our home teachers came over. Brother Sirrine was teaching from the Ensign about what a true disciple of Christ was like. He was using different examples of people from the scriptures, I didn’t teel the children were receiving the visual picture he was trying to paint. So I interrupted him and said “Brother Sirrine, as you know we just lost my father, the children’s grandfather. We have had the honor of knowing a true disciple of Christ. They have seen, touched, hugged, and lived with such a man.11 Each of us had tears in our eyes as the spirit confirmed to us that what l said was true.

I am grateful for moms talk and the letter to the Grandchildren. I know that I personally feel that it was a letter to me also. I know I have been given much. l have been raised by parents who are true disciples of Christ. I know the Lord expects much of me and much of my children. I just finished reading “The History Of Joseph Smith by his Mother”, I highly recommend this to each of you. We have ancestors that sacrificed more than I believe we can comprehend for the restoration of the gospel.

We have parents that have given their all for the gospel. We now have a father who will be in the Celestial Kingdom, and I want to join him. I know he is our guardian angel. As he was dying I told him I loved him, and I asked him if he would be my guardian angel. He said “yes.., loud and clear. He hadn’t spoken for hours and yet he answered that important question. I know dad is watching over all of us and that he is our guardian angel l know he is still praying for each of us and expects us to live up to our heritage I pray for the stamina to follow his example.

Collette Covey(Granddaughter)

I’m so glad that before grandpa died had a chance to dedicate Hobble Creek.I am thankful I have so many memories with grandpa. I’ll always remember grandpa and always love grandpa!

I’m not very happy Grandpa died. But I know he is up in heaven watching over me and being my guardian angel.

I’m thankful that most of the family members could come to the funeral. Also that so many people new grandpa and loved grandpa. I will always have a special place in my heart for grandpa. I’m so happy to be able to see grandpa again.

FuneralsPaul Ernest Felt, SnrRemarks from Family Members about Paul E. Felt’s life