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I don’t think we ever knew whether John calling Jackie “Ma” was because John was “Pa” or Jackie carried the gun

Jackie Felt tells a tale on Jennifer

Mom hoped for the mission call for Mark to be to Miami (John and Jackie lived there at the time) that way Jackie could make sure Mark would eat well.

Oops plans of Mom just don’t work along the lines of LDS Mission Call – Mark Felt was going to South Korea.

Jennifer was thrilled beyond expectation:  Why you ask?

Jennifer was just glad to

1)   finally get her driving permit and

2)   get Mark out of Tampa Bay so that she could have his Jeep.

She thought Pusan, South Korea would be just fine and she wondered, “Could the September 18th departure date be moved up by one month?”

Ah, siblings and being at the ‘know all age of 16″.

And what about Dad?  “Ma would take care if it”.

Good plan John

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