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For the reader, I hope you may understand the importance being placed on this page and contents.  The design and implementation of has been a major undertaking following a request made by my Mother, Afton Harris Felt to ensure here Journal, Personal History and collections of all matters of importance could be published for the children she and my father, Paul E Felt had together.

After years of developing these pages and thinking all but a few documents were yet to be edited, I came across and a very large three-ring binder containing much more yet to catalogue.  I must admit I was surprized for I considered all had been managed.  Yet, there was a collection significantly different from everything else – Mather Afton Harris Felt had clearly taken great care to put this well-organized folder together.

My conclusion?  First this comment.  My experience in life suggests strongly, who we are, what our character is, why we become or have become is evident by those thoughts, that which we read, and items of any given collection. Thus I freely admit I believe we now see evidence of “who” is Afton Harris, and most clearly, all she valued most.

If you don’t know or realize yet the purity of this Mother, Sister, Wife, Aunt, Friend and more was during her Mortal stage of life, read on (all should read anyway), for hidden within is our mother; a daughter of a loving Heavenly Father.

No wonder, Paul E Felt was so attracted to Martha Afton Harris.

Signed: Paul E Felt, Jr 2019

La Verne Harris Paulson

The Eldest Child

I remember the white house on a hill – the house stood out, neat and clean and painted . . . . .  Eureka Utah

"The Eldest Child"


Funeral Laverne Harris Paulson

In Loving Memory-Click Here


The poem I read at the LaVerne’s Funeral.

Give I Thee


Martha Afton Felt-Funeral Talk

Leonard Ford Harris

Leonard arrives during a period of ill health of his mother

Cold November day in Spanish Fork, Utah

Ellen was somewhat frightened for her previous son, Ernest Pitman Harris had survived but 15 days – she was justifiably worried for she longed for a baby to assist her with her agonizing sense of loss.

Continue to Leonard’s story


Life Story

Audio-Tape by Rex Leonard Harris and edited by Martha Marie Harris Martin

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Daughter's Memories of Leonard

Martha Marie Harris Martin writes of her memories of her father.

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Funeral Program

Funeral Program and remarks of Leonard Ford Harris

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The Inventor

One Lathe Pass Does Work of Four

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Middle-Sized Daughter: Mary Fern Harris Olsen

Lola Mae Harris Holley

Worry and Faith

Ellen’s labor pains started but this little baby was far too early.  The pains were so severe, Ellen knew she must have some help.

She supressed a scream and called for seven year old Leonard to “go get Brother Patton” and upon hear young Leonard refer to the extremity of the cold outside she expressed:

“If you don’t, Mama will die!”

Lola Mae Harris Holley

Russell Holley

I love this image - like Eternity

Afton’s Story

From beginning relationship text

From the beginning of our relationship so long ago, we wished for a large family.

My health has not always been good yet with help, blessings and medical assistance, we have loved having our 7 daughters and 5 sons.

We have loved each other and our children.  We have served and supported others where we were need. 

Oh, how I miss Paul – the ache in the deepest recesses of my soul is softened by my knowledge of Heavenly Father’s plan for us.

Our Identity


Relationship with Divine

Our Values

Love Being Together

Just Us

Reunions Unite


This is my story.

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Paul and I are complete with our children

At times I just sit and browse through these pictures – I can hardly believe the depth of love I feel.  At times like now, as I look to my left, I would not be surprised to see Paul looking over my shoulder



This Is My Private Collection

The Comfort of  A Blessing

My mother, Ellen Pitman Harris lived a long time after the death of Dad. Her death was so very hard to endure – so many tears.  This Priesthood Blessing from Paul helped me immensely to cope.


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Our 30 Years Together June 1, 1973

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Personal History Paul E Felt

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Storic on the day – broken for quite some time – even now, tears flow unashamedly

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Paul Jr, like others was asked to contribute to The Illustrious Harriss’

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John Robert Harris

We knew him as Uncle Robert (meaning, the children of Paul and Afton Harris Felt).  Young Robert, as he was to be known by, gathered all the learnings from his older siblings and forged ahead.

As Robert explains: “I was a difficult birth for my mother, and for many days they felt she could not possibly live. I was bruised and injured by the forceps they had to use to bring me here”.

As with the other sibling entries in these pages, he even refers to some tragedy as he relates of one friend Billy having killed another child-friend accidentally when picking up a loaded handgun, pointing it playfully, then pulling the trigger.

One might say, a life experience. Yes, too when the 5-year-old Robert along with a friend decided to run away from home.

Oh, so much to learn and experience

Now, on to the Harris ancestors

Our Harris-Pitman Ancestors

Our History

Knowing our ancestor’s stories is to know our story

John Harris Smith - Harris Families

Ellen Pitman Pittman - Boyack Families

Summary of Our Family Surnames







Meet your Harris-Pitman Ancestors

By knowing their lives and experience allows us to understand our challenges

Joseph <strong><em> Smith, Sr</em></strong>

Joseph <strong><em> Smith, Sr</em></strong>


William Jasper  <strong><em>Harris Jr</em></strong>

William Jasper <strong><em>Harris Jr</em></strong>


Mary  <strong><em> Fielding </em></strong>

Mary <strong><em> Fielding </em></strong>


Hyrum <strong><em> Smith</em></strong>

Hyrum <strong><em> Smith</em></strong>


Ellen Pitman  <strong><em>Harris</em></strong>

Ellen Pitman <strong><em>Harris</em></strong>


Now for the balance of “The Illustrious Harriss’ “ with the stories and history of our ancestors provided.

Mary Ann Boyack Pitman

Maternal Grandmother
of Afton Harris Felt

DOB:  12 Oct 1862

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Daniel Pittman or Pitman

Maternal Grandfather of
Afton Harris Felt

Author: Alice Pitman (daughter)

DOB: 12 Aug 1857 England


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Mary Ann Boyack-Brief History

A Brief History of Mary Ann Boyack

Author: Martha Afton Felt

Ellen King quotation:  “I loved her so much. In my early life, I wanted to grow up to be like her. I have said many times if I could be half as good as she was, I would be happy”.

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Mary Ann Pitman Hays Birch

Mary Ann Pitman is a daughter of

Father:   Daniel Pitman and
Mother:  Mary Ann Boyack


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Ann Hamblin and James Pitman

Parents of Daniel Pitman

Ann DOB:  6 June 1824 Somerset, England
James DOB: 4 May 1819 England

Since arriving from England, James suffered poor health ….. in 1882 he suffered a stroke that left him paralyzed on one side of his body . . . . moved to Scofield, Utah where they lived with son Daniel.


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Daniel and Evanna Pittman

Son of Daniel and Mary Ann Clarke Boyack Pittman born 10 Feb 1897. Three years old when his father, his only brother, John, his brother-in-law Tom Padfield, an uncle were all killed in the Scofield Mine Disaster.


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Robert S Craig and Elizabeth Clark

Robert and Elizabeth 15 August 1864 and they had seven children of whom died in infancy. Their last child was 5 months old when his father, Robert died, leaving Elizabeth a single mother and widow to raise four children.


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Alexander and Hannah Compton Clark

The Clarks were grandparents of Mary Ann Boyack. It seems Hannah was a strict woman (might have even had a selfish nature).  Read the story – you will find how Alexander found a way to pay a full tithing by doing the housework.

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William Jasper Harris- A Profile

 William, the son of Zachariah and Emily Harris, was born 25 Oct 1836 in Illinois. William walked across the plains, sometime barefoot and thinly clad.  His future wife, Martha Ann Smith and he were good and friends and developed strong feelings for one another.


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William Jasper Harris Jr-1906 Letter

A letter dated Oct 1906 in his own handwriting.


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William Jasper Harris - Picture

William Jasper Harris (Sr)

 The family arrived at Winter Quarters and waited till spring to depart for Zion arriving in September 1847


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Martha Ann Smith Harris

 Martha Ann Smith is the daughter of Hyrum and Mary Fielding Smith



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Mercy Rachel Fielding Thompson

Mercy is the sister of Mary Fielding Smith 



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Mercy Rachel Fielding Thompson

Born June 15, 1807, Mercy was Mary Fielding’s younger sister who, in fact, attended to Mary after Mary’s first child was so ill (Joseph F Smith) 



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Two Great Women

 LDS Church News

Editorial  16 Sept 1978



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Hyrum Smith



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Mary Fielding Smith

Mother to Joseph F. Smith and Martha Ann Smith Harris. Second wife of Hyrum Smith after the death of Hyrum’s first wife.



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The Mayflower Vessel




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The Prophet's Mother Stood Firm




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Seeds of Greatness

The lives of the Joseph Smith, Sr family are closely interwoven with the stirring drama of the Restoration.

Author: Buddy Youngreen



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Lucy Mack Smith- Woman of Great Faith

“…….for significant spiritual experiences were not new to Lucy, nor to her husband, Joseph……Lucy recalled her own father, Soloman Mack, testifying of answered prayers.”


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Emma Smith - Paper by Jessie Felt

“Ever since the prophet died as a martyr in Carthage, Ill., some have been disappointed with Emma because she did not go with the Saints West.”

Author:  Jessie Felt Alman

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Commemorative Pioneer Picture

A commemorative Mormon pioneer wagon train, consisting of covered wagons carriages and handcarts, rolls down the road toward its destination, Council Bluffs, Iowa



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Deseret News Article-Ride In Box Wagon

“Ride in box wagon fosters appreciation for pioneers.  Granted, five hours and 15 miles does not a pioneer make. But ridding 15 miles over mostly graveled roads in a springless box wagon gave me a great appreciation for what my pioneer ancestors went through……”

Deseret News Saturday July 13, 1996

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Joseph and Emma Smith

Images of:

Imma Smith


Joseph Smith


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Winter Quarters

“While Brigham Young first thought his people would be allowed to stay in Nauvoo until the following spring, by January of 1846 he learned otherwise.”

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Pioneer Toys


Since ancient time toys have played an important part in the life and developenmt of children



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Faith in Every Footstep

LDS Church prepares a Full Year of Sesquicentennial Observances


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Felt Family Log

written by Afton Felt 

4 October to 9 Dec 1979

compiled by Julie Jordan and

edited by Paul Felt Jr.

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Images: Wilson-Boyack-Pitman

George and Mary Ann Wilson – Grandparents to Afton Felt

Margaret and Beth Wilson – Ellen Harris step-sisters

George and Mary Ann Pittman Family


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Ellen Pitman Harris-Funeral





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The John E Harris Stories

This Link Will Take You To The Collection Afton Harris Felt Maintained of Her Father


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Mary Fielding Smith

Paper by Jill Jordan



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Mary Ann Pitman Patrichal Blessing




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Scolfield Mine Disaster

Deseret News April 27, 2000

Many of the husbands and sons of our ancestors were killed.


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Scholfield Mining Disaster

Newspaper Article


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Afton Felt’s Making Memories