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Reflection of our Family – The Felts:  Dated 1993

Afton Felt

Mother - Grandmother - Wife, Felt Family

Memories of the Felt Family 1993

Paul and Afton Felt Never in our lifetime have Mom and Dad felt more joy and gratitude for life, family and love of God than during our 50th Anniversary and our family reunion at Ricks College. The anonymous account of our reunion given in the last Heartfelt reflects and recalls our great times and floods of happy memories that continue to bless our lives.

We cherish and love the power to recall.

Be assured we will remember, and remember forever.

One of the great highlights that always brings tears of joy to us is the” Song of Tribute”, written by our lovely daughter-in-law DeAnne. We can but love this song and the tribute will bless our lives thru the millennium and forever. We were so touched as all of you gathered on the stage and sang it to us. As we read the words and recall of your singing it brings tears of joy and gratitude for each of you. We have received no honor greater that this our whole family singing this beautiful song to us.

Can you imagine the joy we have when we see the love you share with one another and the fun you have in being together? To see our grandchildren loving to be with their cousins and how well they get along with each other. To see a 19 year old granddaughter pay attention to a little almost four year old cousin and to make her feel so special that she, Jeneca, still talks about her big sister Jennifer and when will she come here again. I’m sure there have been times that Jennifer has wished she had a little sister and now she has one who will watch her and dream of being just like her. Jeneca picked out a big sister and then found a little sister when she got to know Elyse, along with Stacy Collette and Mellica-Page, who took turns watching Elyse and holding her hand and guiding her where they wanted her to go.

At the Hot Springs after a wonderful time in the pools and slides we watched the boys who were so busy catching snakes and fish that we understand that some forgot to come get anything to eat and as we were leaving were saying they thought we were going to eat here.

At the same time the boys were fishing Grandpa and Grandma and Ron were reluctant to leave the hot pools and they too almost missed dinner. We thought everyone was kidding when they said they had eaten all the hot dogs. That was OK for they had saved us a nice steak.

The family picture was taken here and we enlisted a man from another group to come and snap the picture. The two little girls that we almost called twins were busy dancing on the table tops and hated to get down long enough to be in the pictures. The bowling games were fun to have the place for just our family and to see how each one rejoiced of the success of others when there was a strike.

Cute original prizes that were given for the different scores. Everyone turned out a winner. As all of you were out on the field playing the games we commented that it was hard to believe that we had started all of this. The meals and the apartments were more that we expected, everything was so nice that we all wanted to come back here next year. We felt sure that Kirk had some pull to get everything for us. Having a stage and a Mike was something for the talent show. Wyatt was like the mike and love to get hold of it. Each family had a special presentation for the talent. We are thrilled to hear all that are talented singing and playing the piano.

Such talent we are impressed. Can you imagine our feelings and joy to see all of you together on the stage singing this beautiful melody—tears were flowing as we listened to these beautiful words as you sang, words that we hope will always be. We will just include the last chorus here, and tell you that we have had a view of what Heaven will be like.. “We will hold on together We’ll share our love through eternity.

Love sees us through to forever.       We love you.

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