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A Young Edith Mae Martin

Born in Murray, Salt Lake County, Utah on 3rd July 1891.  I was so ill at birth the doctors did not expect me to live yet a Priesthood Blessing restored my well being.

My mother is Edith Begetta Jensen and my birth father was Frank A. Miller whom I never knew as he deserted us with a divorce to follow.

Thank goodness, my mother met a wonderful man who became a father to me. He was the son of Edward Martin, the captain of the Martin Handcart Company, and dear Daddy carried the love and care we needed in our family.

I carry his name and heritage with honour despite my having tried to find a trace of my birth father.

It seems when I met Ernest Felt at a function he thought I was beautiful and would make him a happy man.  I certainly knew I loved him; in fact, so much so we eloped! Actually, we kept our marriage secret for several months.  Read My Story and you will find out how I and everybody else found out about the secret wedding.


Mae Edith Martin Felt: An Earlier First Draft

We simply knew her as Grandma Felt with the other half being Grandpa Felt, the parents of Paul Ernest Felt.

This ‘story’ was discovered in documents preserved by Afton Felt in the form of an old “Family Group Sheet” and “Personal Record” of Mae Edith (Miller) Martin Felt.

It was typed on a ribbon typewriter; we can only assume Ernest William Felt, did the typing.

Mae’s birth father, Frank Miller, deserted the family, followed by a divorce and then her mother’s 2nd marriage to Brigham Martin who subsequently adopted the children followed by a Sealing in Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints thus her name change to Martin.  Brigham Martin was a loving and caring father with Mae carrying his name with pride.


My StoryMy Story: Edith Mae Martin Felt