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Martha Ann

daughter of

Hyrum and Mary Fielding . ASmith

by Ruth Mae Harris

Copyright 2002 compiled by Ruth Mae Barney Harris.  All Rights Reserved

Title Page & Table of Contents

Part 1: Intro & Chapters 1-5

Part 1: Chapters 6-10

Part 1: Chapter 11-15

Part 2: Chapters 16-20

Part 2: Chapter 21-26


Appendix A -1

Harris Pioneer Journey
Captain George B Wallaces’s Letter
I Really Happened
The Handcart Missionaries

Appendix A - 2

The Mighty Mayflower
Descendents of John Lothrop
Harris Home Metamorphasis
Eugen Roberts Tricks 


Appendix A -3

Warden Harris
Lesson in Compassion
Family Life
John Hafen-Utah’s Premier Artist
Children of William Jasper and Martha Ann Harris

Appendix B - Descendants Charts

Included as a reference and because they were part of the original book


My Ancestor’s HistoryMartha Ann Smith Harris: A Book – Her Descendants