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Cards and Letters Preserved

Cards, notes, and letters were archived in each child’s and/or grand-child’s folder.  No one was to be forgotten

1955 Thoughts of Christmas

LDS Institute of Religion Cedar City, Utah

Paul Felt Jr­  30 August 1993 Monday My dear father, On this Fathers Day of 1993, I did not want to miss this opportunity of expressing my deep love, appreciation and love for you as my father, friend and confident. During my most extreme moments, you have always been there with a non-judging yet helpful leadership role. Rarely does a day pass that my thoughts are not directed to you and Mother. At times during my talks with Heavenly Father, tears will come to my eyes as I thank Him for being placed in your joint righteous care. I am a realist. I do not see a fantasy of perfect parents who always did everything right. Indeed, on those occasion in which I felt the action could have resulted in a better approach, (from my point of view), they have developed into a teaching situation. Why? Because of your basic humility to teach me by addressing your perceived failings. Oh, how grateful I am for you! Always teaching; always listening; always working to be a sensitive caring friend as well as a father; always teaching by way of example ways to treat your loving eternal companion; always teaching the value of living the gospel. Lynne will often comment of her gratitude for the way she is treated as a wife. How do I know how to treat her as such? I was taught by one who taught his sons overtly and by way of direct example; even you, my dear father., I was impressed with Troy’s comments when he was here. He said: “Grandpa and Grandma are so very different aren’t they?” “In what way”, I questioned. He commenced commenting concerning his statement. Exactly what he said by way of observation I do not remember because such declaration was over-shadowed by his rather mature observation. He said: “They let their differences complement one another; they each respect the differences and let those differences complement and strengthen the overall partnership”. I have always been so very proud to carry your name. To this day, as one who himself is a Grandfather, I carry the title “Jr.”. On this day, your day, I pay respect. I love you Dad, I love you. With the deepest of love, Paul Ernest as Grandma Harris would say).

From Tracey Hallmark Felt

Friday, May 28, 1992

Dear Mom & Dad,

Ron’s been home for one week now and it’s amazing how quickly a week flies when he’s home versus a week when he is away! I’m so happy that Ron was able to spend time with you last week–and what an eventful time it was. He speaks so fondly of the time traveling together through Utah, Arizona and Texas. It must have been an especially rich experience to go back to Holbrook and reflect on the years spent in the mission field as a family.

Ron speaks with such tenderness of his Mom and Dad. He holds such a deep affection for you and an ever-abiding respect. What a treasure it is to have recorded memories on the Dictaphone which can be read and re-read and shared with our children and children’s children. How could I possibly begrudge for even one moment such precious, meaningful time? I’m grateful for all time that Ron is able to enjoy with you and consider it a blessing.

I’m looking forward to our time together this summer. I will attentively arrive in Salt Lake around the first of August though the exact date has not yet been determined. I plan to fly with the children to California in mid-July to spend a little time with Penny’s family and to get adjusted to the time difference. Then Penny and Tracy Lynn will fly with us to North Carolina to stay in a rental trailer near my parent’s trailer at the beach. We will probably spend the last couple of weeks of July with my Mom and Dad. Then the children and I will fly to Salt Lake to be with you and to await Ron’s arrival. Will you have family staying with you during that first week of August? Will there be room for us in the basement?

We are especially excited to see all the family for the reunion in Panguitch. The Rockin’-R-Ranch sounds like a great place for a family get-together. The part I like best is that they do the cooking! More time for all of us to visit! I’m not yet sure how many days Ron will be taking off work, but we plan to spend all of his vacation time with you in Utah. I’m sure Ron will fill you in on all the details as our plans solidify.

The children are all doing well. They will be finishing school on June 9th. We hope that during our six weeks in Tokyo after school is out the children will be taking piano and Japanese lessons and keeping up with some of their school work, but on a more relaxed schedule, of course. June is the rainy season in Japan, but hopefully there will be some sunny days to go out to parks. But if not we can always go to museums.

I have nearly completed a music course through BYU home study. I need to complete three more courses before next summer so that I can attend the seminar at BYU in June of ’93. I have thoroughly enjoyed this particular course and look forward to future courses.

Did Ron tell you that we had a fireside at our home last Mother’s Day? Spencer Palmer and his wife came to our home for dinner along with other members of BYU’s Dept. of Religious Instruction and we enjoyed a delightful evening together. We were especially happy to have spent some time with Jim Toronto who is now part of the Religion Department. He’s a good mend of ours trom the Cairo Branch. We were particularly fascinated with Roger Keller and tended to direct many of our questions his way since he was once a Presbyterian minister before joining the church. I would love to meet his wife and hear more of her conversion experience. While Bro. Keller was committing to be baptized, she was studying to be a Methodist minister. According to Bro. Keller, a year after she was baptized she was called to be a Relief Society President and said that all she had ever hoped to do as a minister she was now doing in this capacity. I would love to hear of her conversion and to better understand the church from her perspective. I’m sure it would be interesting. I was greatly impressed with Sis. Palmer. She is so enthusiastic about the gospel in Korea and has such a love for the Korean people. Perhaps you are already aware that they have written a book in Korean detailing stories of Korean pioneers–the first members who broke from familial and cultural traditions to join the church.

I have to apologize for not writing more often. Letter-writing has never been one of my strong points, but I am determined to improve. I want you to know–in writing-­how very much I love and appreciate you both. I want my children to have as much time with you as possible, despite the distance of our present homes, to treasure up memories and to learn from you and feel of your love. You have had a great influence upon my life, even in small ways. Why, just this morning I was peeling an orange and using a knife to do it in the fashion that Mom showed me. It made me think of you, Mom, and I realized how even in small ways like this you have had an influence upon me–and I so appreciate it! I look forward to more precious time together in August.

Also, thank you for the lovely book you sent, “Something Extraordinary.” I have enjoyed looking at each picture and seeing the joy of the gospel reflected in the faces of Latter-Day Saint women the world over. I was deeply touched by Dad’s inscription on the inside cover. It was very meaningful to both Ron and I.


From Tracey Hallmark Felt

Oct 12 1993

Dear Mom & Dad,

I just finished putting together a newsletter for the Hallmark family, so I’m sending along a copy for you. This is such a rewarding project. I’m grateful for Ron’s inspiration in putting this together for both families. Ron sends copies of all the HeartFELT Forums to my parents and they so enjoy reading them.

Weare all doing well, happy to be getting back into a productive daily routine. I’m sure Ron shares most of his news with you already, so I’ll add some news about the rest of us. I’ve been enjoying my teaching assignments in the ward. I thoroughly enjoy my calling as a Gospel Doctrine teacher. I have learned so much about the Doctrine and Covenants as well as Church History. I’m already sad at the thought of having to give up the calling in January, but our Bishop says we can’t have a calling for more than one year, including the Bishop’s wife.

Early this month I taught a lesson in Homemaking on “Effective Scripture Study.” We talked about how to break the “I, Nephi” barrier and had an exercise on how to use other scriptures found in the footnotes and Topical Guide to add clarity and enlightenment to a particular idea or passage.

Besides visiting teaching, I also take special delight in serving as the ward choir director. Our new, greatly-expanded choir will be singing “The Lord’s Prayer” on October 31st. I’ve just ordered some sheet music and am presently putting together a Christmas program involving a narrator, the choir, smaller vocal groups, a children’s choir and the congregation. I’m very excited about it.

Ron and I enjoy having occasional dinners at our home. Last night we had the missionaries over and they brought with them such a happy spirit. The children loved being with them, especially as they each sat down with Nikki or Jessica and helped them with their homework. Sunday before last we had four people from Ron’s office over for a celebration dinner in honor of the wedding of Ron’s assistant, Rob Brown. I wanted to make it extra special so I worked hard all day Saturday getting it ready. I think it was a great success. I would sure like to pay closer attention to how Mom makes her dinner rolls, though!

Ron and I are looking forward to a trip to Hong Kong next week. Another member of the Bishopric, Richard Nibley, and his wife will go with us. We have some good friends who live close by and they will be staying with our children. David will fly to meet me toward the end of the week to renew his visa while Ron goes on to Beijing for business.

Ron-Paul is enjoying school and his deacon’s quorum’s activities. He has such a great group of deacons–they’re all good-hearted, enthusiastic, supportive, faithful boys. What more could we ask for? I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a more ideal deacon’s quorum. Ron-Paul was selected to be the Service Coordinator and


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