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She Did Not Talk to Strangers

      In Provo when the leftover winter cold that trails through March changes to the welcome warm of the afternoons of April, when the bare trees along the avenues are suddenly covered in pink and green, the pace of the whole town seems to slow a bit in relief after a long winter.  On just such an afternoon, Marilynn, a seventh grader at Farrer Junior High School, was strolling home after school with her friend Jill Atkinson.

      “Can you believe her?!”

      “But are you sure?  I can’t believe she could do that.”

      “Well Susan said she saw them just yesterday.”  Then reaching her arm around Marilynn’s waist in demonstration she exclaimed, “she said he had his arm around her like this!”

      Just then they heard a car pull up along the curb opposite them and they turned to look as they heard the staccato toot-toot of the horn.  The driver with his dark hair combed back was wearing a pair of black rimmed sunglasses and a madras shirt.  The car was fire-engine red and the convertible top was opened to the pleasant spring air.

      “Would-ya like a ride home?”

      Jill gasped in fright as Marilynn, seeing the traffic clear, darted across the street, ran around the back of the car and jumped in the passenger seat.

      “Come on Jill!”  She called out but Jill, in disbelief, was now walking resolutely away. 

      When Marilynn was called to the phone later that afternoon it was Jill.

      “Who was that guy?!  He was so cute!  How could you just ride off with him like that?  I have been so worried about you!”

      “Jill,” Marilynn replied with an ‘I can’t believe you didn’t know that’ tone in her voice, “that was my brother!”

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