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Tom recalls a vivid memory of what Christmas was like living in the Mission Home in Arizona.  We included the missionaries in everything and Christmas morning we would sit waiting anxiously in the entry hall singing Christmas carols, waiting for all the missionaries to get up before we could go in and see our presents.  Well one year I received  probably the nicest and most expensive present I’d ever found under the tree–an AFX slot car track.  I soon found out I wasn’t the only one excited about the gift–Ron and one of the missionaries played on it all morning long!  Finally, with much reluctance they got up to leave and “CRUNCH!” the missionary stepped on the track, breaking it in several places.       “Oops, sorry!” he said.  He tried to offer me 5 bucks but I wasn’t easily consoled.  I never even got to play with it on Christmas day!  Of course later we got some replacement tracks but it was heartbreaking.  I still have the slot cars.

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