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Memories of the

Utah State Prison

from a

Child’s Perspective

Robert John Harris

Son of John E and Ellen Pitman Harris

Childhood In Prison

To Tony I asked: “Why are you in Prison”?  He replied: “For running a red light“‘

I wondered why such a cruel punishment.

Later I would discover Tony was in prison for murder.  And yet, he was allowed to be my friend.

My sisters Afton, Lola and Mary were with me living with our parents in the Prison.

Prison Once Stood Where Park Now Is

From January of 1855 until 1951 — nearly a century — today’s Sugarhouse Park was home to the “state pen.”

1853 Site

The site for the prison was selected in 1853, and in 1854 an adobe brick prison was constructed.ced settings.

A Thesis: History

A Thesis Presented to the Faculty of the Dept of History

BYU 1952

My MemoriesMy Memory of the Utah State Prison: John Robert Harris