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Teasing Brothers

Seems the girls have good memories of events that should have not occurred.  But they did!

Brothers Refine the Art of Teasing

      I remember going fishing with Grandma and Grandpa Harris and Paul and John.  One day we were driving up to Fish Lake and John, Paul and I were in the back seat of Grandpa Harris’ big blue car.  Paul and John told me when we got out on the boat we would get lifesavers!  Wow!  I was sure looking forward to getting on the boat and eating some wonderful lifesavers!  John and Paul got much pleasure out my disappointment at being given a “life-preserver” to put on.  “This is your lifesaver, Yvonne.  It could save your life.”

      I remember going to Grandma and Grandpa Felt’s home many times.  How I loved Grandma Felt’s whole wheat bread!

      I recall my first taste of pizza.  Mom and Dad had a party at our 7th North home when I was about 11 years old.  They kept talking about “pizza pie” that was going to be served.  John and I woke up early the next day, hoping to find some leftovers of “pie” in the fridge.  Sure enough, there was a big, flat, white box.  We opened it and took a piece of cold “pizza pie.”  “Yuk!”  we both said.  What weird tasting pie!

      Mom and Dad got a bicycle built for two when I was about 11 years old.  I remember getting up early and going for rides with John.  I also recall how John and I thought the white bread that we partook of during the sacrament was such a treat.  (Mom always made whole wheat bread for all of us.)  John and I put our money together and walked up to the store and bought ourselves a loaf of white bread and I do believe we ate the whole loaf!

      When I was very young, Paul used to get great pleasure from teasing me.  It seemed he could look at me across the dinner table and I would burst out crying.  When I was going through my “ugly state” (as Lamar calls it when he sees pictures of me at this age) Paul was in Jr. High School.  Several girls had crushes on him.  “Tall Paul” was a popular song then.  At this time Paul was a great confidence booster for me.  He would tell me how pretty I was and he helped me to feel good about myself.

      I remember rocking Larry in the rocking chair when mom went to the hospital to give birth to Ron.  I remember babysitting Larry, Ron, Jessie and Kathleen a lot!  Charlotte Edmunds came to babysit us for a few days while Mom and Dad were away and every time someone’s diaper needed changing, she would call to me and tell me to change the diaper.  When Mom and Dad got home they gave her money, but I felt I was the one who should have been paid!

      Marilynn was a special sister.  She is three years younger than me.  I recall her following me around quite a bit in my younger years.  Tammy and Tom were born when I was fifteen and I told Mom I was tired of babies.  I was ready for “teenage things.”  Marilynn was 12 and she loved taking care of babies, so I gladly let her step in!

      It was especially nice for me to get an older sister when Wendy came to live with us.  We had a fun time sharing a room!

      Since I came from a happy, loving family I naively believed everyone came from a family like mine.  I’ve since learned differently.  What greater gift can parents give a child?  I get emotional and teary eyed just thinking of how filled I am with love for my parents and brothers and sisters and my sister Betty whom I will one day meet.

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